‎Final Fantasy XIV

Genre : MMORPG

Type : PC


‎Final Fantasy XIV Online is the work of the Square-Enix game development team. This part is known as the popularity and response from many Thai gamers. Including those who fancy the Final Fantasy series, try to touch and fascinate each other in a row. However, the Final Fantasy XIV Online game before reaching this peak, they have been hot. Through the cold there are many stories to talk about as well. In the first phase of the game being released in version 1.0, I must admit that the trend of the game at that time was interested and expecting that the game would come out well and be successful. But the result is "Gameplay that is difficult to access and details within the game that are not as perfect as it should be" must explain first. Final Fantasy XIV Online is an online game where we have to buy a box or key of the game first. Importantly, there must be a monthly fee as well. Since the game has this format, it causes a lot of negative criticism. Until it was planned to improve the game even better So they ended up paving the way for Final Fantasy XIV Online version 1.0 into 2.0 that changed the face of this game like another game. In version 2.0, the game is called "Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn". The result is that gamers are very impressed with this change. More fun gameplay A storyline that looks compelling, class, or tribe within the game that makes Version 2.0 like a feathered phoenix feather. All of these taxes have to be given to Mr. Yoshida Naoki, who helped oversee and oversee, until the game is now popular until version 5.0.

Currently, Final Fantasy XIV Online is available as a server that combines players around the world. Available for both the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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