How to use VPN4Games for play Infestation Thailand
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Posted on: 27/06/2020
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How to use VPN4Games for play Infestation Thailand ,ISS

Now, Infestation, ISS Thailand has banned foreign players. It's IP blocks foreign Server and VPN4Games Server 1-17.
This problems fix it 5 method

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Solution 1

Install VPN4Games Client and select connect Thailand 18-24.
Download here

Solution 2

Connect SSH Tunnel on VPN4Games Client
1. Go to "Setting"
2. Select “Use SSH Tunnel” and back to connect Thailand 18-24.
How to setting SSH Tunnel This here

Solution 3

How to use server thailand 1-17 for play ISS thailand
1. Run vpn4games and connect to server thailand 18-24
2. Then launch your game wait untill character screen up
3. Alt+tab to vpn4games client and now you can swap your connection to any server
4. Back to your game and play the game

Solution 4

Connected L2TP
How to use L2TP. This here

Solution 5

Connected SoftEther
How to use SoftEther. This here

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