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Get your own exclusive VPN designed just for you. We offer custom-made VPNs and private proxies, ensuring maximum security and protecting everyone's sensitive data. It's perfect for those who value their privacy and seek the highest level of security.


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Our VPN service offers a wide range of server locations, including Thailand, Singapore, USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, South Korea, and more, based on your preferences. The starting price for our service is only 700 THB per month.


Enhance your privacy with Whitelist IP

Whitelist IP is a method of controlling data access by setting Allowed IP Addresses. Administrators can add as many IP Addresses as needed to customize access accordingly. Additionally, authorized devices can access the data remotely as well.

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Private VPN

Our Private VPN and Proxy from VPN4Games are designed exclusively for your use, eliminating the need to share servers with others.

We provided a variety of servers

Our private servers are available in over 20 countries, starting at just 700 THB per Month.