How to Setup VPN4Games on iOS(iPhone,iPad)

Download VPN4Games for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

The installation process of VPN4Games recommends you to consult the information before starting the installation.

Step 1 Download VPN4Games

  1. Download VPN4Games on App store

setup ios step 1

Step 2 Login and Use VPN4Games

1. Start VPN4Games

Open the VPN4Games application, then “Login”.

 setup ios step 2

If you are not yet a member, you can click here to Register or press “Create Account” and complete the information, then click Register.

setup ios step 3

setup ios step 4

2. Connect VPN4Games

When "Login" is done, click on the Server box to select the server you want to connect to.

setup ios step 5

You can (1) press the country for the system to select the best server at that time for you or (2) press the arrow on the back to manually select the server you want to connect to.

setup ios step 6

setup ios step 7

(An example picture of choosing VPN Thailand in the application)

When connecting for the first time, the system will ask for permission to configure VPN as shown, select "Allow"

 setup ios step 8

Then the system will connect to the VPN for you. If there is an orange circle around VPN4Games as shown in the picture, the system has successfully connected and can be used.

setup ios step 9

3. Menus in the application

Press the "Menu" button in the upper left corner to see the various menus of the application.

setup ios step 10

  1. View Profile - View your basic information such as Username, Email, usage date, etc. There is also a Reload button on the top right corner to update the information up to date.
  2. Check IP - Check your IP Address. You can check both before - after connecting to VPN.
  3. Logs - your connection history
  4. Setting - There will be a Re-Certificate button. In case you didn't press “Allow” at first, you can press this button to request permission to configure VPN here.
  5. About - How to contact VPN4Games team
  6. Log out - click to change account.
  7. Upgrade - Pay for services through the application.

setup ios step 12