How to Setup VPN4Games on Windows

Download VPN4Games for Windows

Download VPN4Games Client

* Follow this step by step, please do not skip this step. 

Step Installation VPN4Games Client

when you finish downloading, open it and extracting you will see VPN4GamesClient 3.0.0 setup.exe and then click to install or run.


waiting to show this page and click “Next” to continue. 


Click “Next” to continue.


Click “Install” and installing VPN4Games.


Click “Finish”. 


*If on your pang show this, please to push follow me and click “install”.



Login your username and password (this information the same on VPN4Games) click Login.


Account & Connect VPN

This page has 2 parts is connect the server and your profile.

1. Click for Choose VPN server. Example Thailand 1

2. Choose a port to connect, recommend UDP 1194 or 53, if you can’t connect to UDP 1194 or 53 you can connect TCP. (Reccommend setting "Auto")

3. Connect VPN button.

4. This is showed your information, status, times and expired date.

5. Setting.

6. Notification.


Select Server VPN

1. Choose VPN server. Example Thailand 1

2. Click the "Connect" button


Connected Success

waiting for connected status on the bottom left corner and then or click check IP.


View Log

If you can not connect VPN, please copy all code and sent to staff.


Menu Setting

1. Automatically Start App.

2. Hide to Tray on Minimize.

3. DNS Leak

4. Disable IPV6

5. Bypass Mode for can not normally connect.

6. Reinstall Tap Driver.

7. Proxy Settings from the Internet via proxy or blocked by location.

8. Disable the firewall of your computer.

9. Setting IP or domain TS3 for not connect VPN.

10. Reset Setting.


Uninstall Program

Go to start to click “control panel”, click “programs and feature”, choose programs, click “Uninstall”.