2023 Wrapped 5 Esports Tournament
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Posted on: 13/12/2023
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2023 Wrapped 5 Esports Tournament

In the year 2023, there were countless Esports tournaments held, providing excitement and thrilling moments throughout the entire year. Despite some unforeseen events, we've carefully selected and highlighted the best moments for you!

Today, let's take a look back at 5 tournaments from 5 popular games that were interesting throughout 2023. What happened? Which teams emerged victorious, and how much prize money did they take home? Let's find out!


1. Valorant Champions (August 6th)

The Valorant Champions is a world championship tournament for the popular game Valorant, ranked among the top in the world. The event brings together top teams from all leagues worldwide, totaling 16 teams. The championship title for this year was claimed by Evil Geniuses, representing North America. They secured victory in the finals with a 3-1 score against Paper Rex, a team from the Asia-Pacific region. The event also featured Cigarettes as part of the team, creating a global shockwave in the process. The winner's prize money for this prestigious tournament amounted to $1,000,000, approximately 35 million Thai Baht.


2. LEC Season Finals (August 19th)

The LEC Season Finals is the annual championship tournament for the game League of Legends. The competition is divided into three segments: Winter, Spring, and Summer, with teams competing for the championship in each segment. The overall winner is determined by accumulating points across all three segments, including the top three teams with the highest Championship Points. Considered the largest tournament for League of Legends (LOL), the 2023 championship was claimed by G2 Esports. They secured the victory and received a prize of €65,000, equivalent to approximately 2,487,000 Thai Baht.


3. Asian Games 2022 - FC Online (September 27th)

The Asian Games is a continental-level sports competition second only to the Olympics. It encompasses a wide variety of sports, including Esports, and this year featured EA SPORTS FC Online as an officially recognized competitive sport. In the championship round, two Thai contestants faced off against each other. Teedet Somsai secured the gold medal, while Pattanasak Woranun received the silver. This historic achievement unfolded among a total of 36 competitors, marking a proud moment for Thailand in the Asian Games 2022.


4. RoV Pro League 2023 Winter (October 22nd)

The RoV Pro League, a beloved game in Thailand, held its offline tournament with numerous high-quality matches in this tournament. Notably, the championship showdown featured an intense battle between Bacon Time and Talon, starting from the upper bracket to the grand finals. Bacon Time initially triumphed over Talon with a 4-2 score in the upper bracket, only for Talon to come back and secure a revenge victory with another 4-2 score in the grand finals. The lower bracket victory was a thrilling moment for viewers.

Players such as Difoxn and TaoX showcase outstanding performances, earning unanimous praise for their impactful roles as supports. The prize money for the champions in this tournament amounted to 6,000,000 Baht. Following this tournament, the next major competition will be the AIC 2023, where Talon, the reigning champions, are expected to continue their impressive form. Let's come together to support the Thai teams in their upcoming endeavors.


5. PUBG Global Championship 2023 (November 19th)

The first and most notable aspect of this tournament is the staggering prize pool of over 70 million Baht, the highest in the history of the Thai Esports scene. Additionally, the championship took place at Central Ladprao in Thailand. In this tournament, two Thai teams participated: Theerathon Five, led by the renowned Theerathon Bunmathan, a national football team right-back, and Daytrade Gaming. However, both teams fell short of reaching their dreams.

The championship title was claimed by the South Korean team, Danawa e-sports, securing prize money of $600,000 or approximately 21 million Baht. This event marked a significant milestone in the Thai Esports community, both in terms of the immense prize pool and the participation of Thai teams on the global stage.


Wrapping up the year with the top 5 exciting tournaments of 2023 from the most popular games. Amid the ongoing debates about the future of Esports, whether there will be adjustments or a new foundation, our role as gamers is to continue supporting, anticipating, and cheering for our beloved athletes and teams. Let's ensure that the competitions remain thrilling and enjoyable. Happy New Year to all gamers, and see you next year! :)



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