How to pay for VPN4Games with Credit/Debit Card
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Posted on: 09/11/2023
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For customers who want to pay via Credit or Debit Card, they can easily pay through the system by yourself and most importantly, the date will be added automatically. Get a free day of use as well.

Go to the Upgrade Account page :

How to pay BullVPN with Credit/Debit Card

Step 1 Go to the payment page and choose a plan

- Log in and access the package page. *Important*
- Select the usage plan according to your needs.


Step 2 : Choose a payment method.

- In the payment method selection step, choose 'Credit/Debit Card' and the relevant information will be displayed on the right. If you have a Discount Code, you can use it in the 'Enter Discount Code' field. Verify the information to ensure everything is in order.
- Afterward, select the 'Confirm Order' (orange button) to proceed to the next step.


Step 3 : Pay for the service.

- The system will take you to the payment page. Please enter the required information and double-check the details for accuracy.
- After that, simply press 'Pay' to complete the transaction.


Step 4 : Payment is complete.

- After the customer has successfully paid for the service, the system will display a page and a message stating "Order Successful" as shown in the image. This marks the completion of the payment process


- Customers will have immediate access to the service after successful payment. You can verify this at Your account page.

You can check the payment status here.

Payment history :

That's all you need to do to get immediate access to VPN4Games , you'll receive automatic access without waiting for the team to confirm.


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