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Posted on: 20/06/2024
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VPN4Games offers a private VPN service that everyone is interested in. Dedicated servers exclusively for individual use, providing utmost privacy just for you. Whoever wants a secure and unique IP address that works, and desires full magical privacy, we recommend it.

We offer a wide selection of private VPN options starting at just 700 Baht per month! For VPN servers in Thailand, and for servers in other countries, there may be slight variations depending on the specific country you wish to use.


How to order and pay for Private VPN & Proxy services.

- Contact us via inbox on the Facebook page VPN4Games
- Notify the country where you want to set up a private VPN to the admin.
- The admin will consolidate the totals.
- The customer pays for the service.
- You can use the Private VPN immediately. 🎉


Frequently asked questions about setting up a Private VPN.

Question: If I set up a Private VPN, will I still be able to access regular servers?
Answer: You can still access regular servers as usual with the VPN server.

Question: Can a Private VPN reduce ping?
Answer: It may help to some extent, but the actual ping depends on various factors, including the stability of your internet connection. If you want to play games faster, having a strong internet connection can also make a difference.

Question: If I buy a Private VPN, do I still need to purchase a regular usage plan?
Answer: No need to purchase additional plans, just pay for the Private VPN itself.

Question: How many devices can use the Private VPN?
Answer: 2 devices. If you want to use more, customers will need to purchase additional connections.

Question: Is a Private VPN faster than normal?
Answer: It may provide some speed improvement because fewer people share the server with you, but VPN speed depends on several factors such as your internet speed and the server distance.


Offering private Virtual Private Network (VPN) systems exclusively for you.

⚡VPN Thailand (recommended)
⚡VPN Singapore (recommended)
⚡VPN Japan
⚡VPN Hong Kong
⚡VPN United States of America
⚡VPN Russia
⚡VPN United Kingdom
⚡VPN Australia
⚡and many other servers

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