VPN4Games service can adjust your internet to play games better, reduce ping, reduce lag bypass game block Block locations both inside and outside the country. There is also a software that can be used easily and is safe

We have more than 100 VPN services in 20 countries: Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe. United States, Russia, England, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc. You can access our server to play IP blocked countries or games in blocked countries.

1. Press "SIGN UP for free" at Sign UP

2. Enter your Email, Username, Password and press "SIGN UP"

3. Confirm the Email that has applied for the service.

4. Press the "Verify my account!" button to confirm the subscription in the Email.

5. Finished applying for the service.

See more details and illustrations. How to apply for the service

If you didn't receive the confirmation email, try checking your spam email. If you still can't find it, go to the page. Resend confirmation Email

1. Make a login account on the website page https://www.vpn4games.com/account

2. Press "Change Password"

3. Enter old password, new password, confirm new password respectively. When all information is entered, press "Send".

4. A message will appear. "Password changed successfully"

You can see how to change your password with illustrations Change Password

Enter Promo Code www.vpn4games.com/account/promoCode

1. Make a login account on the website page

2. Press "Promo Code"

3. Enter Promo Code and press "Send"

Can see how to enter Promo Code with illustrations Here

Enter Discount Code https://www.vpn4games.com/payment

1. Choose the desired package

2. Select payment method

3. Enter Discount Code and press "Use Discount Code"

4. Press to order

Can see how to enter a Discount Code with an illustration. Use Discount Code

Can get free days via Mobile Application VPN4Games

1. Login Account Mobile Application page VPN4Games

2. Click Get Reward on the top right corner

3. Press Watch Video

Can see how to open View Logs with illustrations. View logs

1. Check the Proxy first whether your machine is using Proxy or not, if it is used, turn off the proxy. Can see how to check Proxy. Here

2. Check if DNS is set or not. if any, remove it Can see how to check DNS. Here

1. Go to Settings -> Reinstall tap the driver page and then connect VPN again. Can see how to Reinstall Tap Driver. Here

2. If still can't connect, Restart your computer and Router and connect VPN again.

It is recommended to connect Port UDP is faster than TCP. Port TCP will be able to bypass the game blocks, universities, and dormitories.

1. Press "Setting"

2. Press "Set Proxy"

3. If there is a check mark remove all

4. Notice that port UDP53, 1194 is added.

Can see how to check Setting with illustrations Here

1. Press "Proxy Setting" in the bottom left corner of the VPN4Games program and uncheck all the checkmarks.

can see solution with illustrations Here

2. Check Proxy whether your machine is using Proxy or not, if it is, remove it.

Can see how to check Proxy with illustrations. Here

1. It is recommended to close and reopen the program and connect to the VPN again.

2. Restart your computer. and connect to the VPN again.

**If still unable to fix Notify the team for further investigation.