The unmissable gaming events of 2024
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Posted on: 12/06/2024
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     Hello gamers! For those eagerly anticipating new games, the wait is almost over. Gaming events are just around the corner, ready to unveil a plethora of exciting titles. No need to wait any longer. If you're curious about which events will feature which games, where to watch them, and when they'll happen, we've gathered all the information for you. Let's dive in and explore together

Summer Game Fest 2024


     The Summer Game Fest, which kicks off at the beginning of June, marks the first gaming event of the month. Organized by Geoff Keighley, well-known for his work in organizing gaming awards, the Summer Game Fest serves as a hub for unveiling new games.

     The event will last approximately 2 hours, focusing on announcing new details about well-known games that have been previously unveiled. However, there will also be exciting new game announcements making their debut during the event.

Viewing time: 04:00 on June 8th, 67 (4 AM in Thai time)
Platforms for viewing: YouTube, Twitch, X, Facebook

Xbox Games Showcase 2024


     The Xbox Games Showcase, an event within the Xbox ecosystem, is widely known for its array of new game releases. Most importantly, this event will feature works from Activision Blizzard, the latest addition to the Xbox family, unveiling full details about Call of Duty Black Ops 6.

      The event will showcase new works from Xbox's own studios including Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, Bethesda Softworks, and titles from Xbox Game Studios for full viewing pleasure.

Viewing time: 01:00 on June 10th, 67 (1 AM in Thai time)
Platforms for viewing: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook


Ubisoft Forward 2024


     The name Ubisoft Forward is well-known among gaming enthusiasts. This event showcases new games from Ubisoft, the renowned French gaming giant, annually. While specific details about the games are not yet disclosed, anticipation is high. Fans are eagerly awaiting updates on potential releases such as Star Wars Outlaws, expected to launch this year, and highly anticipated titles like Assassin’s Creed Red.

Viewing time: 02:00 on June 10th, 67 (2 AM in Thai time)
Platforms for viewing: YouTube, Twitch

Thailand game show 2024


     When it comes to gaming events in Thailand, one cannot overlook the Thailand Game Show (TGS), the largest gaming expo in Southeast Asia. This event brings top-tier gaming and entertainment showcases straight from Japan to Thai audiences. It serves as a platform for major game developers and brands to directly engage with their target audience, almost like a Meet & Greet event.

Viewing time: October 18th - 20th, 2567.
Venue: Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

With all these 4 major events lined up, it's certainly a treat for gamers eagerly anticipating new releases. Whether you're waiting for new games or seeking details on upcoming releases, you can follow and watch these events at the specified times and platforms. Enjoy.

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