Playing Genshin Impact reduce lag and lower ping
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Posted on: 23/01/2024
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Playing Genshin Impact sometimes requires using VPN4Games to reduce lag and lower ping. 

Since the Asia server in Thailand can sometimes experience latency and ping issues due to the server not being located in our country, it's better to use VPN4Games to change our server to Singapore, Malaysia, or other locations. This can significantly reduce the ping. Alternatively, you can choose to play on servers in the USA, Europe, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao. We offer over 100 servers in 20 countries for this purpose.


Here's how to use VPN4Games VPN to play Genshin Impact and fix lag and ping issues

1.Register at

2.Install the Program from

3.Connect to Our VPN Server: After installation, connect to our VPN server with just two easy steps.

4. How to use the VPN4Games program on Windows If you play on mobile iOS Android 


Alternatively, if you want to play on servers in Europe, the Americas, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau, you can easily switch your server location using VPN4Games. The service supports all these options. Afterward, you can access the server settings within the game's login page. Enjoy your gaming with our service!


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