Summary of PUBG: GOLDBREAD SUMMER CUP 2024, team performance
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Posted on: 14/05/2024
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The first Summer round of the popular game PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has concluded. Six teams have been selected to compete for the summer championship in the GOLDBREAD SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP 2024. This year's champion is Forest Natural Gaming, who ranked first with a strong performance, battling closely with the second-place team WILD Gaming over three days and 15 games. The next round promises to be even more intense.

Details and Highlights of the Qualified Teams


1. Forest Natural Gaming:
This year's champion team consists of experienced players with high teamwork, helping them secure the championship. They excel in planning and adapting to various situations.


2. WILD Gaming:
This team features highly skilled players, especially WLD_Baren, who scored the highest TWR in the tournament. Their aggressive play and attacks are the team's standout features.


3. Buriram United Esports:
This team has a large fan base and unique gameplay, focusing on defense and making the best use of space.


4. TEM Entertainment:
This team has shown rapid development over the past year, with players skilled in reconnaissance and gathering enemy information, enabling effective strategic planning.


This team consists of new players full of energy and determination. Despite lacking experience, they have managed to impress.


6. STK Sticker:
This team qualified with strong teamwork and careful planning, excelling in defensive tactics and evasion.



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Decided by just "one point." In the next round, we’ll see if it’s a revenge match or a repeat victory. Forest Natural Gaming, the champion, scored 141 points, while WILD Gaming, the runner-up, scored 140 points. The final day’s Score kill decided it! The 3rd to 6th places are as follows:

3rd place. Buriram United Esports 112 points

4th place. TEM Entertainment 109 points

5th place. FW ESPORTS 92 points

6th place. STK Sticker 85 points 

Let's Take a Look at Individual Player Performances



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The standout performer has to be "WLD_Baren" who scored the highest TWR points in this tournament at 80 points and also achieved the highest KDA and KD. It's undeniable that if the WILD Gaming side has standout players like WLD_Baren, the championship title will be difficult to attain. With Forest Natural Gaming playing with a highly team-oriented approach and each individual having exceptional abilities, their TWR scores are almost equal. However, if we are to commend one, it has to be "Scappy-" who has a balanced average score in almost every dimension. This not only makes it easier for teammates to play but also racked up 25 kills and 11 assists, comparable to WLD_Baren alone. This tournament is intense!

Prize Money for This Trophy

The prize money for this event will be awarded only to teams accumulating points from 1st to 4th place as follows:

🥇1st Prize: 20,000 ฿

🥈2nd Prize: 10,000 ฿

🥉3rd Prize: 6,000 ฿

🏅4th Prize: 4,000 ฿

And that concludes the summary of the PUBG: GOLDBREAD SUMMER CUP 2024 event. Which teams made it through and which ones fell short? Let's cheer them on. Next, the 6 teams qualifying from this event will have to battle it out in the GOLDBREAD SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 event to claim the top spot of the season. Will the previous champions maintain their form, or will the runner-up team reclaim the trophy? Or perhaps there will be dark horses showcasing outstanding performances. Stay tuned to find out!

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