How to change Valorant servers to another server without lag.
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Posted on: 07/05/2024
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How to Play Valorant on Overseas Servers Smoothly: Reduce Lag, Lower Ping

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Valorant is another popular FPS game among teenagers due to its unique mix of features from various games, creating a fresh experience in the FPS genre. With a marketing approach that focuses on content targeting teenagers, the game has gained a large following. The gameplay is straightforward and easy to understand, especially for those familiar with Counter Strike. The game also has a high Esports focus, with many tournament-style competitions in the past 1-2 years. A Thai representative, Kla Cigarettes, has even competed at a global level.

Valorant's Status in Thailand

Valorant remains popular in Thailand with a dedicated fan base. Esports events in Thailand continue to receive good support and positive feedback. Riot Games, the developer, supports and markets the game in Thailand effectively. Recently, they even released a Thailand map, and rumors suggest that the new Agent might be Thai. This kind of support makes it hard for Thai fans not to love the game.

Tired of SEA Servers? Want to Try Other Servers?

The server most Thai players use is the Singapore server, where you'll mostly find Thai, Malaysian, and Singaporean players. However, if you're looking for a challenge and want to test your skills on other servers, such as Hong Kong, India, Japan, or Australia, you'll often face high ping, making gameplay unstable and prone to disconnects. Today, we have a solution to change your gaming experience!

"Using VPN4Games allows you to play Valorant smoothly on any server, with stable ping and reduced lag and stuttering."


Steps to Use VPN4Games with Valorant

We will be testing on the Australian server to see the difference before and after using VPN4Games.

1. Open VPN4Games and select the Australian server (you can search for country names in the search box).
If you don't have VPN4Games yet, you can download and register from the following links:
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**Note: What is the difference between Silver and Gold servers? The Silver server is for trial users, while the Gold server is for paying customers. However, Gold users can also access the Silver server if they want to switch due to a lower ping. But Silver users can only access the Silver server. If you wish to upgrade to Gold, packages start at 99 baht.
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2. Enter the game and switch the server to Sydney (Australia), then check the ping.

before after

Ping before joining the game, before connecting to the Australian server on VPN4Games: 179 ms.
Ping after joining the game, after connecting to the Australian server on VPN4Games: 126 ms.

before after

Ping during gameplay, before connecting to the Australian server on VPN4Games: 179 ms.
Ping during gameplay, after connecting to the Australian server on VPN4Games: 127 ms.

Ping reduced by over 50 ms. !!

This also provides more stable connections, reducing lag and fluctuating ping. You can play on any server you want, as VPN4Games supports them all, including Valorant servers in Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Australia. With VPN4Games, you get it all.

For those wondering how VPN helps reduce ping during gaming, this blog has the answer: >> How Does VPN Reduce Ping?

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