What is VPN4Games? Why are gamers a VPN for gaming and streaming?

  • 20 Jul, 2022


     In today's world, we can choose to play games in more ways than ever. Whether it's playing games on mobile, playing computer games or on other devices, people have access to games that are becoming more and more diverse every day.

    Of course, the gaming industry is not only in Thailand, it is popular abroad as well. As a result, there are many game development teams focusing on making quality games for everyone around the world to play at maximum efficiency. Therefore, gaming VPNs are used so that everyone can play games from anywhere.

What is VPN4Games

     VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a “virtual network” where the VPN works in tandem with the Internet to allow us to access information more freely and securely. As a result, the number of people who are interested in and use VPN is increasing every year.

     VPN4Games is a VPN provider for playing games, watching video streaming, accessing various websites both in Thailand and abroad, etc. Suitable for people who want to play games surfing abroad, reduce lag, reduce ping, and increase the stability of the Internet when it comes to playing games on a foreign server for your game or for watching foreign video streaming.

     In addition, VPN4Games respects the privacy of its users. Therefore can be assured of safety, privacy and ready to solve problems for all users to get the best VPN experience.

VPN4Games is a dedicated gaming and streaming VPN

Access global game

    If you are a gaming enthusiast, having VPN4Games installed on your device or device will allow you to play on both domestic and international surfing. and wherever in the world As long as you have an active internet connection, whether it's a public Wi-Fi (Free Wi-Fi) like in a college, dormitory, hotel, or your private internet, you can play games from anywhere in the world.


Fast connection

    VPN4Games has developed the client to be easy to use, quickly connect to your preferred VPN server. Makes you enjoy using the internet without limitations. Do not miss any games. In addition, VPN4Games is designed to be used to watch series and movies via streaming both locally and internationally, such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Viu, iQiyi, TrueID, AIS Play and many more



Stable internet will lead you to victory

     After connecting VPN to VPN4Games, it will reduce lag, reduce game ping. This makes the internet more stable, resulting in every game flowing smoothly until winning.

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VPN4Games can be accessed on multiple devices


VPN4Games Compatible with both Android, iOS, and Windows systems.

 VPN4Games are the prices and services?


  • 7 Days  50 Baht
  • 15 Days  90 Baht
  • 30 Days  150 Baht
  • 60 Days  300 Baht
  • 115 Days  500 Baht
  • 240 Days  1000 Baht
  • 365 Days  1400 Baht (Paying a fee for 1 year will be able to connect to 2 devices.)

You can see more prices athttps://www.vpn4games.com/pricing

Payment methods for VPN4Games


1. Ways to receive usage days immediately after payment is complete.

  • Mobile Banking (QR Code)
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • True Wallet
  • PayPal
  • True Money

2. Channels that must wait for verification before receiving the date of use

  • Bank account transfer (Check time 1 hour - 1 day)

You can see more payment methods athttps://www.vpn4games.com/payment

Supports VPN applications with more than 100 servers

VPN4Games has Server VPN support for more than 100 servers in 22 countries around the world.

  • VPN Server Thailand
  • VPN Server Singapore
  • VPN Server Indonesia
  • VPN Server HongKong
  • VPN Server Taiwan
  • VPN Server Korea
  • VPN Server Japan
  • VPN Server Australia
  • VPN Server Vietnam
  • VPN Server Malaysia
  • VPN Server Philippines
  • VPN Server China
  • VPN Server India
  • VPN Server United Kingdom
  • VPN Server Germany
  • VPN Server Russia
  • VPN Server Netherlands
  • VPN Server Turkey
  • VPN Server USA
  • VPN Server Canada
  • VPN Server Brazil
  • VPN Server Saudi Arabia

You can see more servers at https://www.vpn4games.com/locations

How to contact VPN4Games

Please contact us if you have any suggestions or usage problems.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: VPN4Games - Speed Up Online Games (https://www.facebook.com/vpn4games)

@LINE : @vpn4games (http://line.me/ti/p/[email protected])